Aurora Tours

  • Starting at $75.00
  • Duration: 10pm - 2am
  • Minimum 2 passenger

Fairbanks is considered one of the best places for an Aurora Viewing experience!

Come and watch the Aurora Borealis with us on the top of the Murphy Dome, Chena Lakes Recreation Area or in a historic Lodge, secreted away in the hills 40 minutes north of the city lights, on the Cleary Summit. Entrance fee to the Lodge is not included in our price.

 Aurora Borealis, sometimes referred to as polar lights, northern lights,  or southern lights, is a natural light display in the Earth's sky,  predominantly seen in the high-latitude regions. Auroras are the result of disturbances in the magnetosphere caused by solar wind. 

 The Kp-index is the global geomagnetic activity index that is based on 3-hour measurements from ground-based magnetometers around the world. The Kp-index ranges from 0 to 9 where a value of 0 means very little geomagnetic activity and a value of 9 means extreme geomagnetic activity. 

Aurora Forecast: https://www.gi.alaska.edu/monitors/aurora-forecast

Door to door transportation included


Arctic Circle Tours

  • $185.00  Summer Rates (May 1-August 31)
  • $225.00  Winter Rates    (September 1-April 30)
  • Minimum 4 passenger 


You have one day to explore the north and see the northern lights? The Arctic Circle Drive Tour is your best bet. You will travel north byday/morning (we are flexible), learning about the history of the north from an experienced guide who knows how to make your day fun and informative. View the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System, Yukon River, Finger Mountain, wildlife and cross the Arctic Circle with your companions. On your return trip, as the evening turns dark, you will have a high chance to see the northern lights and stop along the way to catch the best displays of the night. Only if Mother Nature cooperates.

Door to door transportation (from/to Fairbanks) included as well as light snacks and bottled water. 

Pick up time 9am, 10am, 1pm.

Return times can vary throughout the winter season based on weather and road conditions.

Duration: 12 - 14 hrs during the winter 

                     10 - 12 hrs during the summer 


Chena Hot Springs

  • $100.00 Summer Rates (May 1 - August 31)
  • $125.00  Winter Rates   (September 1 - April 30)
  • Minimum 2 passenger

We pick you up from your hotel and drive you to Chena Hot Springs Resort. Enjoy soaking in the relaxing waters of the Hot Springs, visiting the Ice Museum and trying the homemade clam chowder in the restaurant. 

The outdoor natural rock pool is reserved for those folks over 18. 

Door to door transportation and 4 - 4 1/2 hrs waiting time included.


Dog Sledding Tours

  • Starting at $125.00
  • Minimum 2 passenger

1 hr Dog Sledding and Kennel Tour with real Alaskan Malamutes and Alaskan Huskies; it's a unique lifetime experience!

Price includes door to door transportation from/to any Fairbanks location and dod sledding experience!


City Tour and North Pole

  •  Starting at $65.00
  • Minimum 2 passenger

This Tour is designed to highlight the historical and cultural aspects of Fairbanks with visits to popular destinations like the UAF Museum of the North, Large Animal Farm, Morris Thompson Cultural Center, Pioneer Park, The Spirit of Alaska Statue, Land of Exchange, Trans Alaskan Pipe Line, Fish Processor, Santa Claus House, and Santa's Reindeers.

Duration: 4 - 4 1/2 hrs.


Shuttle, Custom Tours

Private tours, Denali shuttle, Brooks Range / Summer rafting tour; Ice Fishing and Snowmobile Tours at Rod’s Alaskan Guide Service. www.rodsalaskanguideservice.com

Alaska Custom Tours are available. 

Please feel free to contact us with any questions! 

Special rates and packages are available.  

Everything with us is top quality, from the cars to the service itself.